Ear Piercing

Inverness Ear Piercing System

I do not only recommend the wide selection of our amazing earrings to those of you who are fans, but also to the ones who wish for trendy and quality accessories. This is the place to look. 

Inverness earrings

18KT gold plated earrings

The system is based on safe and and quick ear piercing in 3 easy steps. We use a gentle, hand-pressured instrument and, rest assured, sterile, pre-sealed and hypoallergenic piercing earrings.

The American INVERNESS system has a history of many decades of excellence and integrity. All Inverness products are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration and also fulfil requirements of rigorous EU regulations. All earrings are made from nickel-free medical metals and are 24 carat gold or palladium plated.

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