Szempilla lifting


Why should you opt for it?

If you simply want your eyes to look more attractive

If your eyelashes are too straight

If your eyelids have slackened, and it makes your eyelashes look shorter

If you lack the time to curl your eyelashes yourself

If you do not want eyelash extension, but still would like your eyelashes to be curly and long

If your eyes are sensitive to false lashes

If you want a long-lasting solution at an affordable price 

Eyelash Lifting is a uniquely new technique. During the procedure your eyelashes are being lifted at the roots in order to achieve an eye-catching "open eyes" look. Using this revolutionary technique, you have will have, just within seconds, wonderfully curved lashes to give a noticeable contour to your eyes, define your look and add to the natural beauty of your face.