My Mission Statement:                                                                        "I offer my wide range of treatments to preserve your natural beauty, to make up for the little flaws in your appearance, and to help your already glowing beauty glow even brighter."



I received my qualification in cosmetology in 1995. Following a 5-year practical period, I officially became a chief cosmetologist in 1999. Throughout the years, my initial devotion and professionalism became paired with experience and additional qualifications acquired ranging from classical cosmetological treatments to the most modern luxury facial and body treatments. Additionally, I became proficient in electrocosmetology too, since it has by now become an organic part of procedures used in modern cosmetological treatments.

As early as 1995, I had already completed a course in making permanent make-up in the Permanent Kosmetic Kurs in Munich. I keep updating my knowledge in this area too, not only because the profession itself continuously comes up with new solutions, like new devices and technologies which must be backed with extensive knowledge of tools, ingredients and procedures, but also because I am personally interested in everything that is cosmetology. 

I am convinced that we must follow the fashion in colours, forms and styles respectively. Needless to say, I am happy to regularly receive clients for a wide range of lip, eyelid and eyebrow tattoos, as well as figurative body tattoos.

It is always the latest and most modern methods which I apply during my activities in cosmetic body treatments, such as body shaping, weight loss, anti-cellulite and tightening and firming treatments.

Manicure and making professional false nails have been in the list of my services since 1993. Individual needs and requirements vary greatly and I am most pleased to be able to fulfil all of my lovely clients' desires. The focus of these treatments, just like in other cosmetological procedures, is on how to be aesthetic, neat and spruce. 

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