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Making False Nails 

Would you like to learn the basics of how to make false nails? Would you like to try for a few days how to make false nails before making up your mind to start a more advanced course?

 If you just wish to deepen your knowledge or to make your false nails at home for yourself or your friends, these courses are for you. Do not hesitate. Come and join us now.

False Nails Courses

Gel elementary course          3 days 

HUF 32.000 

Porcelain elementary course 3 days

HUF 32.000 

Classical, French, Russian Manicure course, Gel polish course 

 1 day

HUF 20.000

Techniques of false nails  decoration - 1 day

HUF 12.000

About the course:

Prerequisite for registration: Completed elementary school education (8 years).

Course is offered in small groups of 2 to 3 people or even to one participant only.

You need to bring your own model.

Both theoretical and practical training are part of the course.

All materials and tools used in the training are included in the course price.

You will have regular consultation opportunities following course completion. 

You will receive an approved and acknowledged course certificate with your name and a serial number on it. 

To make an appointment, please call: +36 20 320 1486

Site of training course: Balatonlelle, Mátyás király utca 38. 

Budapest, XI.ker. Kapolcs u. 2/A Grand Slam Park