Active ingredient masks with Ionto-Sono effect devices

LDM (Local Dynamic Micro-Massage) and ultra sound treatments improve significantly the effectiveness of your active ingredient masks

What is LDM?

LDM (Local Dynamic Micro-Massage) represents a new treatment method being of a higher quality than any other existing massage method. It uses dual-frequency ultrasound wave technology that generates an oscillation of between 100 and 1000 times per second. The impact achieved in this way is unparalleled. Ultra sound frequencies of the micro-massage delivered to the treatment area convert ultrasound energy to thermal energy through the absorption of ultrasonic waves in the tissue. This energy can lead to stimulation of blood circulation, as well as convert lymphatic transport to metabolic activation.

Benefits of LDM technology

The hybrid waves of LDM technology, through their intensive micro-massage effect, are also used to produce special pressure gradients in tissue, which helps repair the cells, as well as extracellular structures of connective tissues. It is also known to modulate the dynamic processes of production and destruction within connective tissue, of conditions such as acne, eczemas, dermatitis, wrinkles, pigment spots, stretch marks that may be involved in skin ageing. To achieve optimal results, we recommend combining this treatment with any of the light and radio-frequency treatments.

How does ultra sound technology work?

The high frequency ultra sound waves of LDM technology also have a mechanical effect on biological structures, which can accelerate tissue diffusion processes (oxygen, carbon dioxide, and glucose), stimulate metabolism, and increase membrane permeability. This process can activate fibroblasts (collagen), leading to improvement in skin structure, increased tissue elasticity and turgor as well as to connective tissue tightening.

 Can noticeable impact be achieved with one treatment only?

Results are noticeable right after the first treatment (e.g. skin tightening, improved appearance of wrinkles) when 10 MHz frequency is used. Especially for this reason, certain IONTO-SONO® effect treatments can be made an integral part of normal beauty treatment programmes. However, to achieve long-lasting impact, we recommend treatments on a regular basis, i.e. 1 to 2 treatments a week in the course of 4 to 6 weeks – which will significantly improve your skin texture for an extended period of time and improvements will be ongoing months after your treatment period has ended.

Further benefits of LDM technology 

- Skin rejuvenation - separation of fibrocytes and their conversion into fibroblasts
- Skin tightening - extracellular spaces are expanded through improved collagen structures
- Cellulitestimulation of diffusion processes in fat cells through improved connective tissue structures
- Stimulation of connective tissue - improved fibroblast stimulation of macrophages through 3 MHz frequency ultra sound simultaneously with 1 MHz frequencies. It is the combination of these two frequencies within one treatment that can help achieve optimal results.
- Scars, stretch marks improved micro circulation and metabolism achieved through a modified collagen matrix
- Treatment of acne and acne scars