Being the perfect combination of the most advanced electrocosmetic procedures, this unique technology offers the best possible treatment for all skin types – with visible results right after the first session. Using PlasmaG treatments as part of a therapy contributes to a substantial and long-lasting improvement in skin conditions and structure. It is the perfect choice to rejuvenate your skin. 


is an absolute novelty in the world of beauty treatments: a unique technology which uses the fourth state of matter, ionized gas. Along with solid, liquid, and gas, plasma, which is ionized gas, is the fourth state of matter. By applying energy to the gas, it creates a cloud of charged ions that is extremely hot and emits electromagnetic radiation. More than 200 chemical reactions are launched this way by the resulting microsparks.

Plasma treatment is known to:

  • deactivate viruses, bacteria and mycoses
  • activate the immune system
  • stimulate the production of new and flexible collagen fibres
  • "cleanse" arteries, veins and capillaries
  • stimulate circulation
  • strengthen blood-vessels and improve flexibility of capillaries
  • have antiphlogistic effect in the treated area
  • reduce allergic reactions
  • restore the production of hormones and enzymes in the skin
  • renew skin of surgery scars as well as burns 
  • effectively treat acne and teenage skin conditions 

The plasma function may be used to treat effectively::

  • wrinkles
  • scars
  • stretch marks
  • acne
  • aneurysm
  • symptoms of rosacea
  • to tighten skin, and
  • to improve the appearance of pigmentation


As is implied by its name, this method is used to tighten your skin using electromagnetic energy. Large frequency (radio frequency – RF) waves offer an effective and non-invasive way to tighten your skin on your face and other parts of your body. It can be used with high efficiency to reduce fine lines and deeper wrinkles, to help prevent the formation of new wrinkles and to improve your skin texture and tone.

The advantage of using radio frequency lies in its ability to warm up deeper layers of skin (dermis and hypodermis) and have their impact there without overheating the skin surface. During the treatment, the temperature of the dermis and hypodermis rises to 50 to 70 degrees °C, while the temperature of the skin surface remains at 40 to 43 °C.

As a result of the two-dimensional contraction of collagen fibres, the skin immediately appears tighter after the treatment has finished. Metabolic processes and circulation speed up within the skin and the biochemical cell activity improves.

The procedure, however, has a long-term firming impact too: the heat delivered in the dermis helps stimulate fibroblasts, which, after the treatment, synthesize collagen and elastic fibres with higher intensity. A range of inflammatory processes are initiated through the heat having sunk in the extra cell matrix, including fibroblast growth and long-term collagen reproduction.

Benefits of radio frequency treatment:

The technology used is completely painless and results of the treatment are immediately visible  

  • collagen fibres which give the skin flexibility are transformed and increase in quantity  
  • skin renews, becomes tight, young-looking and bright 
  • the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and bags under the eyes improve
  • can also be applied on sensitive skin of face, neck, double chin and décolletage 
  • tightens skin of double chin and burns fat around it
  • relaxes and calms skin

The plasma function may be used to:

  • reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles  
  • help prevent the formation of new wrinkles 
  • improve skin texture and tone, and to  
  • make double chin "disappear"


During electroporation, also referred to as needle free mesotherapy, carefully selected and individually-tailored ingredients are delivered into deeper layers of the skin. We use 8 distinctive serums: tightening, hydrating, anti-rosacea, bleaching, lightening, detoxification, nutritious and balancing serums.
Electric pulses of the device open up temporary pores on the skin surface, through which ingredients easily penetrate into deeper layers and are absorbed there more efficiently and intensively than by the use of any other known method.

Benefits of electroporation:

• ingredients are absorbed in the epidermis with a 1. 200% higher efficiency 

• ingredients are absorbed in the connective tissue with a 4. 000% higher efficiency 

• permanent, long-lasting and visible results thanks to the unique technology used 

Electroporation in cosmetology can be used efficiently to:

  • improve the appearance of photoaging caused by extreme sunlight or solarium
  • improve the appearance of pigmentation
  • hydrate and supply the skin with nutrients 
  • renew skin
  • reduce fine lines
  • treat scars
  • contract open pores
  • diminish sebum production in oily skin

Scar Treatment using Plasma

After first treatment

After second treatment

After third treatment

After fourth treatment

Rosacea Treatment using Plasma

  Before    -        After 2 treatments

     Before     -      After 2 treatments

Plasma G Treatment

bipolar radio frequency, plasma, electroporation

Before the first treatment 

After the first treatment