Eyeliner Tattoos

Eyeliner tattoos define your eyes and correct their shape. Being individually tailored, tattoos range from thin strokes in the eyelash roots to visibly thick lines and contours.

I recommend thickening the eyelashes for those of you with thin and light eyelashes. This appears softly in the roots of your eyelashes giving your eyes a fully natural look. Tattooed lower and upper eyelids are supposed to highlight your eyes' natural beauty. Relatively thick and dark lines may be tattooed on your upper eyelid, reaching out to the sides giving the look of being made up with a brush. Smokey eyelids are also in-trend today, as well as the so-called "Butterfly" technique. 

Some of my Eyeliner Tattoos

Dear Visitors,

The pictures below feature some of my recent work. Right after the treatment, the colour of the eyebrows appears brighter and the skin is visibly red. I am aware that pictures of young, blooming skin with no blushes are a lot more attractive. However, unlike many of my colleagues, I have decided not to photoshop any of the final results and therefore not to distort reality. I am dedicated to showing you how it works in reality, so that future disappointments can be avoided. 

Termék megnevezése
Termék megnevezése

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