Permanent Make-Up

High quality permanent make-up using top materials based on 25 years of professional experience

Your make-up dissolves while doing sports? You have to wear glasses and are unable to do your make-up without wearing them? Or you just do not feel skilled enough to do your own make-up? Or even, you may want to sleep longer in the morning and wake up with an already perfectly made-up face?

Less is more! In our case too

One needs to be conscious of what permanent make-up aims to achieve: it is no party make-up! It should in no way be too bold. It is merely intended to make up for the minor flaws of our natural beauty. A face with permanent make-up should always look natural, so avoid asking for it to be too flashy. Please, consider these aspects before making a final decision.

Permanent, but not to last for
 a life-time
Cosmetic tattoos and ordinary tattoos differ most importantly in their life-span. While ordinary tattoos are applied to deeper layers of the skin, they do not fade and so last for a life-time. Cosmetic tattoos, however - since they are being applied to the face - cannot last forever, sink only into the upper layers of the skin and fades completely in 3 to 5 years' time. 
On the one hand, we may get bored with our permanent make-up or even, the trends may change. But most significantly, as claimed by current beauty science, lineaments of our face will look different in 10 to 20 years' time. This means that the lines drawn today become distorted over time. You may have also heard of "cosmetic tattoos" made several years ago, claiming never to fade. This holds true. They will last forever, as they basically were ordinary tattoos and not cosmetic ones. Today, we use highly professional machinery for cosmetic tattooing, which makes all the difference. Not to mention the acupunctural needles made out of special medical metals, as well as the cosmetic paints, which are a guarantee for results of the highest quality.

Eyebrow Tattoos - Microblading

  • Classical Eyebrow
  • Hair Stroke Eyebrow - Microblading
  • Soft Powder Eyebrow
  • Combined Eyebrow (Soft Powder + Hair Stroke) 

Eyeliner Tattoos

  • Thick Eyeliner Upper Eyelid
  • Upper and Lower Fine Eyeliner Contour
  • Butterfly Shaded Eyelid

Lip Liner Tattoo Treatments

  • Natural Lip Contour Definer
  • Aquarell Lip Blush
  • Colour Saturated Full Lip Tint
  • 3D Full Lip Tint

Ecuri Tattoo Fading Methods

  • pH-neutral unique ensimatic procedure, a revolutionary novelty in beauty science
  • hypoallergenic procedure applicable to fading eyelid, eyebrow, lip and body pigmentations 

Eyebrow Tattoos

Dear Visitors,

The pictures below feature some of my recent work. Right after the treatment, the colour of the eyebrows appears brighter and the skin is visibly red. I am aware that pictures of young, blooming skin with no blushes are a lot more attractive. However, unlike many of my colleagues, I have decided not to photoshop any of the final results and therefore not to distort reality. I am dedicated to showing you how it works in reality, so that future disappointments can be avoided. 

Before                After
Before                After
Before                           After
Soft Powder

Eyeliner Tattoos

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Lip Liner Tattoo Treatments