Make-Up Courses                               

          We offer you a range of                4 make-up courses  

Everyday make-up

We use exclusively professional make-up products during the training. 

Make-up for special occasions 

Discount in case of training in small groups. Preparation for the cosmetology exam. 

Make-up for weddings 

Course prices: HUF 39.000 / 1 participant
                         HUF 32.000 / 1 participant in a group of 3                                                   participants

Extreme make-up

You can also buy a starter kit in this course. 

Appointments for the make-up courses are made on an individual basis. You will receive a discount in small group training of 3 participants.

Course Prices:

In groups of 1 to 2 participants: HUF 39.000 / participants. I

n groups of 3 participants: HUF 32.000 / participants.

You will need to bring your own model to the training. 

Course site: Budapest, 1112, Kapolcs u. 2/A. (Grand Slam Park)
To register, please call 06 20 320 1486.