Pigmentation Removal

Whether you experience scarring from too many popped pimples or dark spots from too much time spent in the sun, hyperpigmentation is notoriously stubborn, but there is treatment for the condition. Within one of the most advanced medical-aesthetical procedures, we use laser removal machine Dermway-1 Q-switched Nd.YAG for pigmentation removal. Laser pigmentation removal effectively reduces the appearance of freckles, pigmentation and post-trauma pigmentation including acne scars and lentigo (age spots).

During the procedure, the laser heats up and shatters the pigment. The pigment is then drawn to the surface without harming the surrounding tissue. Once drawn to the surface, the pigmented lesions will dry and flake off the treated area, leaving the skin with an even tone and complexion. As side effects, you may experience rosacea, swelling, blisters and dot-like bleeding on the surface of your skin for a period of a few hours or even days after the treatment.

Contraindications for laser pigmentation removal include: pregnancy, breast-feeding, skin infections in the area treated, susceptibility to pathological scarring, diabetes, Inflammation in the body, haemophilia, fever, epilepsy, lupus, autoimmune diseases, connective tissue problems, allergic reactions to laser during previous treatments, being under medication which increases light sensitivity, retinoid therapy within past 6 months, tumour, pacemaker, metallic parts in the body, paints containing iron, hypopigmentation, herpes in the treated area, inflammation, scar on skin, HIV/AIDS and keloid susceptibility.

Liver-spot, pigmentation spot removal: HUF 3 000 / cm2