Current trends around the world focus on aiming to achieve a natural look while being gentle in the treatment. Today, by using the latest technologies, incredibly dense lashes can be created and this in a surprisingly gentle way.

The method we apply is the 3D false lashes method, which originally is called strokes eyelash extension and densifying. Using special tweezers, we separate one natural eyelash and, after careful positioning, we glue one false strokes lash on it. It is the 1:1 ratio method. Another popular technique we use, being very similar to this one, is the technique when we increase the volume of your lashes. We separate a single original eyelash of yours and then, here comes the clever trick, we glue several strokes lashes at the same time on your one original lash.

This special technology helps achieve dense lashes and an appealing look, while it does not require to rely on the total amount of your natural lashes. The materials we use are gentle to the eye, and the individual false lashes are thinner and lighter than your natural ones.

Our primary concern also when building false lashes is to achieve the most natural result possible. Whatever the size of the lashes you opt for, the result will be definitely noticeable and will give your eyes a wonderful look. You should not only keep an eye on current trends, but also consider your individual characteristics, as well as think about what the most suitable solution for you might be. You may want to take into account aspects such as your profession, age, the amount of your natural lashes, so that your original look is further defined and not distorted.