To prevent acne breakout 

To brighten your complexion

To correct discolouration from age spots

To help promote the production of collagen 

To improve appearance of surface lines and wrinkles

To restore skin damaged by extreme sunlight 

To correct yellow discolouration due to smoking 

To improve texture of dry and very dry skin 

To improve skin structure

Go to treatments as part of a therapy, once or twice a week. Your skin will need to gradually adjust to a more acid PH value. Make supplementary home treatments also part of the therapy. And please, make sure that you see a qualified practitioner for your AHA Treatment.  

AHA acids are known to refresh your skin surface. They loosen the bondage among epidermis cells, after which dead skin cells will shed off more rapidly. As your horn layer becomes thinner, metabolism will improve in layers under the epidermis. Improved metabolic processes speed up the protein synthesis, resulting in the regeneration of fibres, and pigmented horn cells are carefully exfoliated. Hyperkeratosis will stop, thus decreasing the number of free sebum in the follicles.


One session:  HUF 7.200

6 sessions:     HUF 39.000

10 sessions:    HUF 60.000