Previous qualifications: NO previous qualifications in cosmetology are required to register in the course. Note: Government decree 150/2012 (VII.6.) regulates the conditions under which the activity of making strokes false lashes can be carried out, and possessing the professional qualifications of beauty counsellor or cosmetologist are prerequisites to lawfully practise the activity. 

Prerequisite for registration: completed elementary school education (8 years).

Course content:

The procedure of making and filling 1D, 2-3D or 6D false lashes.

Definition of the "D" notions.

Site of training is equipped with professional cosmetology furnishing, including magnifier lamps.

Course is offered in small groups of 2 to 3 people or even to one participant only.

You need to bring your own model.

The model should have natural eyelashes and not wear contact lenses.

Both theoretical and practical training are part of the course.

All materials and tools used in the training are included in the course price.

You do not need to buy a starter kit.

You will have regular consultation opportunities following course completion.

You will receive an approved and acknowledged course certificate with your name and a serial number on it.

You are not entitled to take part in the course if you suffer from: claustrophobe, hyperactivity, have allergies, any eye disease, open eye, if you are 3 to 6 months before or after an eye surgery or within 1 month of having had your eye tattoo.

You can buy a starter kit here.

Course price: HUF 50.000 for one participant, HUF 40.000 per participant in small group training.

making 1 D false lashes 

One-day course

HUF 50.000 / HUF 40.000 

making 2-3 D false lashes 

One-day course

HUF 50.000 / HUF 40.000 

making 6 D false lashes

One-day course  

HUF 50.000 / HUF 40.000


To make an appointment, please call: +36 20 320 1486 or fill in the registration form below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Sites of course: Balatonlelle, Mátyás király utca 38.

Budapest, XI. ker. Kapolcs u 2/A. Grand Slam Park


Please, fill in the registration form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.